Just back from a weekend in Los Angeles and an audition for a Song Writing program. Thank you Drew Niles for coaching Sydney and getting her ready for the intense interview/auditions! We really (really) appreciated your taking the time for the last minute Face Time session in the rehearsal room - it gave Sydney the extra confidence she needed to give it her best shot! Also, a belated thank you for assisting Sydney with her pre-screens for her college applications. Whatever the outcome of the application process we know that Sydney has benefited from the experience!
— Gail M.
Drew is a passionate and dedicated teacher. He is a gift to anyone who trusts their voice to him.
— Teri S.
We are very grateful to Drew and Sarah for all the coaching and lessons which allowed my daughter to be completely prepared for her college auditions and auditions in general. Along with his Vocal coaching, Drew is a master at splicing and dicing the perfect audition music. Sarah has a wealth of knowledge and was a huge help in finding perfect monologue pieces. They are both very talented and caring individuals.
— Cheryl Y.
Drew is a great vocal coach because he teaches you how to sing safely so that you don’t hurt your voice. He’s a very nice and caring person and is very passionate about what he does.
— Gloria S.

A great vocal coach, in just 6 lessons, I had a much better understanding of my voice and how to sing in a more comfortable way. He’s also very good at prepping you for any type of performance or audition you want to do, in my case, an audition for a musical.
— Alden B.

Mr. Drew offers a safe and friendly environment for any age level of voice training/classes. Mr. Drew takes time to introduce new voice exercises every week, so you are always on your toes. He is kind, supportive and pushes you to the next place. . Rather new, trained or experienced, it has been a pleasure to take my boys (age 12) to Leo Academy.
— Janu S.
You are the best dad in the world!
— Lila Niles, pathological liar


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